Where six figures is  just the beginning!

When you make ease and flow your luxury, success becomes more than just a goal. It taps into your innate brilliance to create your most amazing life!



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This signature mastermind for mentors, coaches and consultants who are ready to scale in life and business.

You are ready to scale what you started 
But not at the cost of feeling like you created a job for yourself!


Not another group program but a true mastermind! You will be seen like never before and every seat is a hot seat. 

Rebeca makes a point to ask you where are you and meets you where you are week after week!

It’s a group mastermind where attention and delivery is personalized.

Before we go any further...

Is this you?

Are you tired of feeling stuck, spinning your entrepreneurial wheels, and ready for a breakthrough?

Have you tried every "one-size-fits-all" business strategy out there and found none of them resonate with who you are or what you're about?

Do you have that fire in you, that relentless ambition and drive, but just can't seem to connect the dots to amplify your vision?

Are you open to embracing a powerful mindset shift, to not only boost your revenue but also live your life in a way that lights up your soul?

If you found yourself nodding to any or all of these, then you're in the right place.

It's time for you to stop wrestling with overwhelm and "blueprint exhaustion". 

Imagine living a life between your "minimum viable awesome" and massive action. A life where every day you're not just ticking boxes but crafting a business that's an authentic extension of you. 

A life so exhilarating that your bank account isn't the only thing growing—your soul is, too. In the Six Figure Society, you won't just find your path to money freedom; you'll blaze a trail that lights up the world, igniting others to chase their own dreams. 

This is more than success; it's your life fully realized.

Ready to say goodbye to your mix and match strategy and hello to a business that fills your soul and your bank account?

And you know that from here on out its time for you to stop fixing and start getting into creation mode! Creating more depth, more transformation and wider reach!

But you already know that after investing in all the fluff peddlers and realizing that you know so much more than they do!

Intimacy and community

So, are you ready to experience a program that honors your individuality while delivering actionable, multi-faceted coaching? 

Welcome to the Six Figure Society!

In the Six Figure Society we're all about creating an intimate, transformative experience to ensure you get the undivided attention and mentorship you 100% deserve. To preserve the depth and intimacy of this space we limit it to 15 aligned entrepreneurs. 

Meet Your Coach 

Rebeca Lima, affectionately known as the Half A$$ Hustler, is a powerhouse in the realms of business coaching and money mindset. With a mastery in helping entrepreneurs scale to six, multi-six, and even seven figures, she's transformed the landscape of success. 

 As the visionary behind the Half A$$ Hustler brand, Rebeca is a game-changer, guiding entrepreneurs to ditch the hustle and cultivate aligned success. What sets her apart is her unique ability to delve into mindset barriers and craft personalized, sustainable strategies tailored to each client. 

 Her signature program, the Six Figure Society, sets the gold standard for business leaders, offering unparalleled mastermind support. Additionally, her Vision Integration Method certification reflects her commitment to holistic solutions, empowering coaches to replicate her neuroscience-meets-results approach. 

 Despite her impressive results, Rebeca's open heart and open inbox policy revolutionize coaching, fostering a 'walk with you' approach. Her genuine passion for empowerment shines through, making her not just a coach but a trusted advisor for industry leaders. 

 Working with Rebeca means joining the #OGs – go-getters committed to genuine success beyond validation metrics. It's like having coffee with a friend who happens to be a business genius. 

 Come for strategy, stay for transformation, and leave with a completely different life!

" Rebeca and Six Figure Society changed my life and will for you too. Before enrolling, I had 600 facebook friends and just a freebie to give away. Now, I have spoken on many stages, 10x my prices and made more money and I ever thought was possible for me. I even took the "mastermind feel" from SFS to implement in my own group programs. I am a #LIFER and this program is amazing!"

Katie Mae

Relationship Coach

"I cannot accurately put into words how Rebeca has impacted my life. In literally just one session - ONE - she set me straight. Here we are less than two months later and I feel like a completely different person in EVERY aspect of my life. Every working and personal relationship has improved exponentially, my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health have all sky rocketed, and my business has grown leaps and bounds in ways I thought would take years. Rebeca, you are a God send. Thank you for helping me get *unstuck* and catapulting me to the next level!!"

Brittanie Mendez

CEO & Founder, PawPals

The 5 Step Strategy That Sets You Apart from the Rest PCPSN Method

" Rebeca has positively changed my business, my life and my marriage! In just 3 months I increased my personal revenue by 1100% - that is just went into my pocket, not even the amount of growth my business experienced! So, if you are thinking about joining Six Figure Society , just think about how you will feel in 5 months from now if you say YES vs if you say NO. "

Sariah Fouladi

Founder, PandaSource

" I have been in a number of different programs, but Six Figure Society has allowed me to take quantum leaps in my life and business. What I like most about working with Rebeca is that she blends mindset with action steps and accountability. Joining her program has allowed me to level up on how to best support my clients in a way that serves me and my family. I highly recommend joining this program. It's such a magical community. We are all there to support each other. It's my favorite community in the internet world!"

Sarah Buehner

Business Coach & Intuitive Guide

The step by step of 
 How It Works

An onboarding business Xray with Rebeca Lima

$2,997 Value

Strategy hub fast implementation Guide

$1,997 Value

Weekly mastermind calls 

$5,997 Value

Community Access

$3,997 Value

SFS Daily Planner 

$297 Value

Total Value: $15,285

You can now access SFS for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months

Our framework is crafted to liberate you from the quicksand of overwhelm and paralysis. 

Think of Six Figure Society as your personal business architect, built on foundational pillars that, combined, lay a simple yet scalable foundation for business. 

This isn't just a framework; it's your blueprint for your most authentic chapter yet!

Ready to choose something different, something extraordinary? Hit the button below to join us in the Six Figure Society and start your journey towards a six, multi-six, or even seven-figure future. 

Create the lifestyle you've been dreaming of, the freedom you deserve, and the impact you were meant to make 

 Your next-level life is just one click away!


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