You know what to do and this is your coworking space to do it!

I know what it feels like to put your time, creativity and energy into your client's businesses and have blinking cursor syndrome when it comes to your own! 

 And week after week you promise yourself that this is the week that you will put yourself first. Only for another fire to come up, your schedule is thrown off wack and a month goes by and you haven't shown up online - yet again. 

 Then one client lets you go and your pipeline is dry. You feel like you are always in this mary-go-round also known as feast and famine. 

 So many client's and no time to market yourself. Only for them to get what they need and out of the door they do - and you don't have any calls booked and feel like you are starting over and over.

This is Your Yime to Put your Business First 

Week After Week!

If you're finding it difficult to:

  • Create the time to get your own stuff done    You keep putting out daily fires day after day and stuck in the hustle and hide mode even though you promised yourself last week (and the week before last) that you were going to be consistent with your social media presence

  • Feel like your strategy is all over the place | You  don't have a strategy beyond posting and praying and by the time you get to posting (or praying) you don't have the time to create relationships with those who comment on your posts and it all feels like a big waste of time

  • Start a zillion things but struggling to finish them  |  Rest assured that every certified coach has found immense value in our program. You'll be part of a supportive community with coaches from diverse backgrounds to guide you.

Coworking Sessions 

Live on Mondays

11am MST - Noon CT - 1pm EST

Program Overview

Weekly Live Sessions, Our brains are wired to replicate the behaviors we see. It's why we yawn when others yawn, and why studying in a library is so effective. That's 'body doubling' in action. So when you see others focusing during our sessions you'll find it easier to follow suit. It's a simple yet powerful tool to overcome procrastination, distractions, and attention deficits.

Trello board for your content, one of the main challenges of our community has been content creation. You will get a Trello board to house all of the content that we will be creating together (if that is what you choose to work on) so that you are on top of your content creation game week after week!

In our cohorts, we are a community of real people to co-work with that will keep you accountable. You'll discover countless others from around the world who share your challenges and want to celebrate your successes. But it's about more than just support. Science shows that telling other people about your goals increases your chance of success by up to 95%!

One hour sessions,  where you will be asked each week what you are working on and how we as a community will brainstorm with you. The accountability of saying your goals aloud, reporting back and the neuroscience of body doubling has been shown to increase productivity by 200% 

What our members are saying...

We are all about:

✓  Guided Co-Working Sessions - So that you are not lost in your to do list!

✓  Collaborative Space -  Together we will brainstorm ideas, share perspectives and tips and tricks for increase productivity. 

✓  Dynamic Community -  We actually get into doing - not just talking or thinking about it!

✓  Networking - Opportunities to build relationships and expand your virtual landscape!

  Weekly calls that are results driven and meant for immediate implementation. [ $200 value ]

  Trello Content Template tired of your content being all over the place? Organize with it with our nurture, grow, sell Trello Template $250 value ]
  An online community all you need to do is to post on our group to have all of our eyes on your business. [ $200 value ]

Payment Options:



Then only $97 per month 

And for a long time, the hustle and hide were my default. I had creativity and energy for everyone - but me and the results were unfortunately clear. Until I created simple systems that changed my business. I have since coached over 500 clients to take up space, simplify their marketing through results-driven strategies, and now I want to use the neuroscience of body doubling to help you do the same!

In case you were wondering...

  • When does it start?
    We meet every Monday except for federal holidays.
    11am MST
    Noon Central
    1pm EST
  • Who is this coworking space for?
    This is perfect for coaches or consultants who work for themselves, knows what needs to be done but somehow never get around to actually do it!
  • Will this help me launch my offers?
    Yes! Together we can brainstorm ideas for content around your offers and how to increase visibility. One of our members had 103 sign up for her masterclass and sold 7 spots on her $1k offer! That is what I call ROI!!!
  • Is this a quiet coworking session?
    Yes and No. We start by sharing our goals for our time together and brainstorming. Then we get quiet for our actual work time. I am always available through our zoom chat just in case you get stuck!

*Your first session is FREE then founders pricing of $97 until you cancel*

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